Monday, January 01, 2007


I've been quilting for two years now. I had no idea how much I would love it when I took my first quilting class at Eddie's Quilting Bee in Mountain View, CA.

Sarah's Quilt. This quilt is made of silk samples from my favorite silk store in Los Altos, Thai Silks. The border, binding and back are all cotton. It's fits a twin size bed.

This is the backside of Sarah's Quilt. It makes a huge mess!

Island Paradise. Not that one needs a quilt on an island, but when it's cold or foggy, wouldn't it be nice to be wrapped up in jungle warmth? The tropical themed scraps are sewn on a fleece blanket. * $75 *

Nanette's Quilt. These are fabric samples turned into crazy log cabins and sewn onto a thrift store chenille blanket.

Lilac. More fabric samples.

Shannon's Quilt. The quilt pattern here was inspired by a fabric sample book.

Mom's Quilt. Most of the fabric in this quilt are vintage scraps.

Crazy Quilt. Andi, my quilting partner in crime, and I brought together the scraps from our first season of quilting. This crazy log cabin quilt is the result.

Dad's Quilt. There's a great silk fabric store in Los Altos. They always have bags of silk samples that they don't need any more for sale. It looked like quilt blocks to me! This was my first experimental quilt.

Little Monsters I. I love the little monsters fabric in this quilt! It is the perfect fabric for a baby quilt. No more monsters under the bed because they're on the bed!

Little Monsters II. Aren't the monsters cute?

Natalia's Quilt. Natalia has spent a of time in the jungle, so I thought she would enjoy these batiks. I think now, it might have been better to do something with a red instead. But, my bias towards orange choose the fabric instead.

Jesser's Quilt. Jess loves red and black, as you can see by her apartment!

Sunflower Sunset. This is a quilt I made for Jess last year. (She's one of my scarf models!) The flowers reminded me of her.

Grandma's Quilt. She likes purple and pink, and being a veteran hand-quilter, thought enough of my quilt to keep on the back of her recliner. All the quilts I make are meant to be used and can stand up to machine washing.

Starry Night. This is the second quilt I made. I didn't know how much of an endeavor it would be to go from a crip size quilt to a queen size quilt.

My First and Favorite Fairy Quilt. This is the one I made and finished in the weekend workshop at Eddie's.


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