Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2007 Quilts

This was an experiment in crazy stack-n-whack nine patch.

This was my second improvised scrap quilt. I did this at the very beginning of the year. I love this one.

This is Owan's quilt, my 7 month old cousin.

This quilt is made from the block called "drunkard's path." I took a workshop at Black Cat Quilts in the sunset to learn this block. It's wonderfully versatile and easy. I've used it in several quilts since.

This is Addy's quilt. It paisley flannel is one of my favorite fabrics ever.

I made this quilt top in January. I'd been collecting color-coded scraps for it for several years. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I quilted it with my new sewing machine. I took the feed dogs down and tried free-motion quilting, which is much harder than I thought, but still fun. I look forward to practicing more of this. This quilt was for the Batya's.

This is Rowan's quilt. It's a compilation of extra squares from previous baby quilts with the little monsters fabric. This was a lot of fun to put together. It was the first quilt I quilted with my new machine, which is awesome! SOOOO much easier to quilt now.


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